Serving breakfast, lunch, and coffee ~ Open everyday except Wednesday ~ 8.30am to 5pm

Drinks Menu

Hot Drinks





An espresso topped up with hot water.



Espresso, steamed milk and thick cap of foam.



Smooth and creamy steamed milk with espresso.

Flat White


Double shot of espresso finished with steamed milk.



Hot chocolate with a shot of espresso.

Extra shot of Espresso


Shot of syrup


Vanilla, Cinnamon, Almond, Caramel, Hazelnut & more

Tea (pot/per person)


Speciality Tea


Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Assam, Redbush, Camomile, Peppermint, Green Tea, Superfruits, Lemon & Ginger

Chai Latte


Hot Chocolate


made with smooth and creamy steamed milk.

with Marshmallows


with Cream & Flake


Child’s Hot Chocolate


with Marshmallows


with Cream & Flake


Gaelic Coffee


Coffee infused with whisky and topped with thick fresh cream.

We donate 5p from every hot

drink sold to Friends of Loch Lomond

& the Trossachs

Cold Drinks

Deli Fruit Smoothie


Forest Fruit or Mango & Pineapple



Coke, Diet Coke, Iru Bru, Sugar-free Irn Bru, Sprite, Limonata

Mineral Water


Still or Sparkling

Lemon or Peach Iced Tea




Ginger Beer or Lemon, Lime & Bitters

St. Clements Pure Juice


Apple or Orange

Fior Fruit Presse


Elderfower or Blackcurrant

Fior Fruit Juice


Apple, Apple & Raspberry, Apple & Brambles, Apple & Elderflower, Pear & Apple, Lemon & Limeade

Cawtson Carton


Apple & Pear, Apple & Summer berries or Apple & Mango

Glass of Milk


Child's Glass of Milk




Vanilla, Banana, Strawberry or Chocolate

Child's Milkshake


Vanilla, Banana, Strawberry or Chocolate



Orange or Apple & Blackcurrant

Child's Milkshake


Orange or Apple & Blackcurrant

Alcoholic Drinks


Single Serve 187ml

White - Sauvignon Blanc, Chile


Dry & aromatic with grassy gooseberry characters

Red - Merlot, Chile


Soft & rounded with plum & black fruit characters

Rose - Zinfandel Blush


Medium sweet with a soft palate & refreshing finish

Sparkling - Prosecco, Italy


Light & refreshing with summer white fruit flavours

Beer etc

Larger Keith


Keith Brewery, Keith

A crisp, refreshing, golden lager brewed from malted barley, yeast and other things that get master brewers really excited. But as you’re probably not one of them, we’ll shut up. And fill

the rest of the label with this sentence. 4.5% ABV 330ml

Pale Keith


Keith Brewery, Keith

This IPA is strong and refreshing hop beer has American hops added at every stage of the brewing process. This makes it anything but bland – a bit like America in fact. But smaller. 5%ABV 330ml

Stout Keith


Keith Brewery, Keith

A rich, sweet stout with dark coffee added during the ageing

stage of the beer. Hints of espresso, thick molasses, milk

chocolate and jungles. OK, we lied about the jungles. 5%

ABV 330ml



William Bros, Alloa

This heather ale is the oldest style of ale still being made in Scotland. It has a floral, peaty aroma, full malt character, spicy herbal flavour and a dry wine like finish. 5.0%ABV 500ml



Harviestoun Brewery Ltd, Alva

A stunning lager with elegant head and luscious lacing. It has "aromas and flavours of fresh-cut grass, brown sugar, lychee and green mango" [Melissa Cole] with a crisp palate and a lingering, fresh, grapefruity finish.

Thistly Cross Still Cider


Belhaven, Dunbar

Light and fruity to taste, with more complex flavours developing. 7.2%ABV 500ml

Hollows Alcoholic Ginger Beer



The taste of Hollows is attributed to the traditional slow fermentation and botanical brewing method. The process releases a deeper and more satisfying ginger flavour resulting in a pleasantly quaffable naturally cloudy real ginger beer. 4%ABV 500ml

Other bottled beer are available in the drinks chill cabinet


Alcohol served Monday - Saturday from 11am

Sunday from 12.30pm

Where possible we cater for dietary requirements, including gluten and dairy free.

(Gluten free - bread, rolls and sausages, soya milk & lacto-free milk, Sheese - dairy free cheese)

Tea and coffee available in regular or decaffeinated.  We use a variety of nuts in the preparation of cakes.

Please ask if you have any particular dietary requests.

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